SMS Printer Technology to Take Restaurant Industry by Storm

Technomic, a major foodservice industry consultant, reports that in 2007, sales of the Leading 100 chain restaurants in the United Kingdom rose to £10.4 billion, and represented about 35 percent of all restaurant sales.What do these hospitality industry giants have in common? Technology. From point-of-sales (POS) and table-management software to wireless headsets, and SMS-enabled tracking systems, technology has become the key to success in the restaurant industry. No matter their size – whether a small, family-owned independent or a large dine-in chain – every restaurant will need to make use of enabling technologies to remain competitive in Britain’s growing restaurant market.Benefits of Restaurant Technology ClearThe leading chain restaurants have been taking the lead as early adopters of technological solutions to traditional industry related challenges, such as improving productivity, reducing labor costs, and maximizing sales. In particular, the fast-service chains have focused on meeting the ever-growing consumer demand for convenience and value by using technology to deliver better value and passing the savings on to customers. Fifty percent of quick-service operators plan to make even greater investments in technology over the period ahead.Most recently, technological applications are being used to help restaurateurs streamline ordering, reduce ticket times, shore up inventory control, and perfect kitchen organization, while improving accuracy at every stage of the order-to-table process.Tapping Into Your Target MarketIn this respect, many owners of takeaway restaurants are turning to the power of the Internet. For example, Domino’s Pizza has realized a 42 percent increase in online ordering over the past 12 months. The trend toward Web-enabled online ordering systems promises to help many restaurants rapidly expand their customer bases, while realizing significant savings in marketing costs. Approximately 30 million people, or roughly 57 percent of UK households, have access to the Internet.Other innovative restaurateurs are adopting systems that enable customer to place pick-up and delivery orders via text-messaging. At the fore of such systems are integrated solutions that combine the power of wireless services to track orders from receipt, through the entire preparation and delivery process to the customer’s front door.Why Your Restaurant Business N-E-E-D-S a POS System and SMS PrinterThe SMS printer is unique in that, unlike PCs for online ordering or fax machines, it may be placed right in the kitchen. All the unit needs is a power outlet, as it operates on the mobile phone network. Staff need not run to check for online or faxed orders every 5 minutes – they are printed instantly on the cooking line.POS technology is also having big impact across all sectors of the hospitality industry. Some early adopters have reported a pick-up in service speed of 20 to 30 percent. Moreover, these systems make the orders easier to read and transmit through the kitchen and preparation process, while leaving critical wait staff on the floor.These systems also eliminate mistakes and miscommunications, which also contribute to speed and service – perhaps the two most crucial commodities in the restaurant industry. Using POS and an SMS printer together, any establishment can organize and streamline in-house, takeaway and delivery order processing inexpensively and effortlessly.